Hi, I'm Jasmine

Product designer & forever learner


I'm a designer on the Growth team focusing on engagement and retention.  Prior to that I designed enterprise software features for the Multi-User team.

I love blogging, planning and executing workshops, finding ways to improve processes, and writing helpful documentation. I've led multiple workshops on Designing for Accessibility and am constantly building resources for my team to work more collaboratively and efficiently. Sometimes I illustrate too, but just for fun.


Prior to SurveyMonkey I led research & user experience at Education.com for the Web platform, Growth, & Games teams. Before studying product design, I earned my degree in Neuroscience and taught science for 5 years.  This science background give me a unique perspective when it comes to crafting user-centric and data-driven solutions.

Even though I fully career-switched into Product Design, I keep finding opportunities to teach.  Currently I'm developing a facilitation training for my team and designing curriculum/teaching Design Thinking to 4th/5th graders!


Want to connect?

I love snacks & often come up with jokes on the fly.  If you want to grab a snack, hear a joke, or nerd out, email me at jasmine.n.rosen@gmail.com!