Hello, I'm Jasmine!

I'm a product designer, educator, and writer, 

passionate about driving design culture.


Featured case study

Enhancing the team library for enterprise admin (2019)

SurveyMonkey is the global leader in survey software, trusted by 98% of the Fortune 500. As the lead designer of this project, I collaborated with the Enterprise product manager, developers, content strategists, and customer success managers to design and execute my vision.


Enterprise companies can send out hundreds of surveys in a day, reaching thousands of recipients world-wide. Our admin customers need the assurance that each one of their thousands of employees follow branding protocol for external-facing surveys. My solution empowers admins to enforce the use of specific survey assets (logos, themes, questions, and templates) at various levels and delegate that enforcement power to co-admins. 

I am most proud of this project because despite it being incredibly complex I was able to design a flexible solution with quick turn around.


Selected projects

Information architecture of admin console (2019)

Originally I was assigned to work on a piece of the admin console, but the placement of that feature was unclear.  I decided to take initiative to tackle the overall information architecture of the admin console in addition to the project I was assigned. I collaborated with my PM, another designer, user researcher, and a content strategist and presented our case to the key stakeholders to get alignment.

We did a complete audit of the admin console, documenting every piece of data and meta-data.  We mapped out relationships and restructured the pieces to deliver an experience better matching the mental models of our users.  Our hypothesis was validated through a tree-test conducted with 100 people.


This work directly impacted the discoverability of existing features and the placement of upcoming features.

Development of an accessibility initiative (2019)

As a former teacher who often advocated for kids that were excluded, I naturally gravitated towards accessibility and inclusion conferences once I got into tech.


Once I started to learn accessibility standards, I realized a lot of resources seemed overwhelming because they weren't role specific.  As someone who gets thrilled at the thought of organizing information, I immediately started a side passion project to educated myself in accessibility standards and make useful documentation for my team.


Beyond developing accessibility standards for the design I designed trainings for designers and immediate cross functional partners.  I also conducted a component audit to recommend changes to our design system.  Because of my initiatives I created momentum and built a community helping make SurveyMonkey a more accessible product!

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Creation of modular builder (2018)

Upon my first quarter at SurveyMonkey, I was assigned to lead a project allowing Enterprise admin to upload survey assets and create branded templates for their team to use. 

In the end I developed a solution more flexible than what I was prescribed to design because I was able to get so close to our customers and realize what they needed before they realized it themselves.

From this project I realized that designing for a 20 year old product had a lot of constraints due to where legacy code is stored and what product team owns different parts of the product. I definitely learned to embrace constraints.