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Designing experiences 
that drive growth in 
products, processes, & people.

Who I am

I've designed experiences for 10+ years as a product designer and former teacher. 

Throughout my design career I've specialized in transforming complex solutions into elegant, efficient, and scalable systems. I'm a natural organizer who enjoys streamlining all the products and processes I touch. 


As a former teacher and certified Luma facilitator, I'm a forever learner and sharer. My love language is using empathy to equip & empower people through curated resources and personalized coaching. I believe in creating powerful documentation to multiply my impact.


I work best in a collaborative environment with partners open to giving and receiving feedback so we all can grow.

Product designer  Strategic thinker 
Design leader  Facilitator

 Mentor  Coach Process oriented  

 Strong collaborator   Culture driver

Community builder 

What I've done

Equally valuing products, process, and people is how I positively disrupt product teams


  • ​Conceptualized and launched a suite of features that aligned 9 product teams and 5 products to execute the vision. ('20-'21)

  • Drove an integration of two products to better support the business and customer needs.  ('21-'23)

  • Led research initiative that resulted in a shift in product strategy that better resonated with each customer base. ('18)

  • Conducted research that led to restructuring the backend architecture of our product for a more scalable solution ('21)

  • Launched and co-managed company design blog ('19)


  • Led educational initiative on designing for accessibility (Designer training) ('19)

  • Launched research program and recurring customer advisory group ('18)

  • Contributed to onboarding learning resources at the company level ('18-'22)

  • Selected speaker to share processes at TechX, internal company conference ('21)

  • Creates facilitation & workshop guides and templates 

  • Shares experiences to educate others through blogs & powerful documentation


  • Manages interns and mentored 100+ designers throughout my design career

  • Launched education program for designers '23

  • Initiated & championed programs to foster belonging & connection (ie. Birthday buddies program, Discussion circles, Lunch-and-learn series, Monthly craft sessions, After-work workouts, etc)

  • Participates in recruitment & hiring process

Where I've been

I'm proud to have worked for amazing companies like:
I grow designers and strengthen the design community with:

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                              Design Buddies

“Jasmine’s ability to learn, apply, and share those learnings is a clear boon for any team looking to multiply these qualities across the group."

- Scott, former manager

Let's connect

I'm always looking for new & exciting opportunities. Email me to view my work or chat.

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